The Rush Cycling Studio - Why We Love It

We asked, they told! 

They're more than friends - they're Rush regulars. And they gave us the inside dish on why they frequent this amazing boutique cycling studio! If you haven't tried a spin class, this post just may be all the convincing you need. 

What Do You Love Most About Working Out at The Rush?

"I love the energy of all of the instructors. It's infectious and it's literally like a dance party on a bike. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly - I was so nervous trying it for the first time, but I am addicted now and sometimes go twice a day. It's a great full body sweat session!"

- Meg {@mmmeg_tiu}

"I love how upbeat and energetic the instructors are. They make me want to push myself harder when I feel like giving up. The music and theme rides are my favorite. I've always thought spin classes were boring, but that is sooo not the case at The Rush. I look forward to every sweaty ride with my girls! I think it's safe to say we are all #RushAddicts!"

Who Is Your Favorite Instructor?

"It's hard to pick just one instructor as my favorite! I love Beth for her high energy and how much her classes push me. I always get a great sweat sesh from her class. Also love Angie for her fun spirit, creating a party on a bike! She always makes me feel like I can accomplish the hardest of classes! And then there's Ashley, who has the most inspirational words and says them at the right moment to push me harder! I also love Avery for how fun her classes are and how sweet she is! For my birthday, she added more country songs into class that day. She totally made me feel like I was a part of the #RushFam!"

Working Out with a Fab Group of Ladies - Can You Tell Us About That?

"I met these amazing girls through the Tone It Up community where we all learn about becoming the healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves. Going to spin class with them not only means making a commitment to myself to improve my health, but also to help support and encourage them in their fitness journey as well."

- Samantha {@sillymermaid654}

What Is Your Favorite Move on the Bikes?

"I would have to say 'Four Corners' and the sprints they make us do - especially because their music selection is always on point with these moves!"

- Stephanie {@tiu_ries}

Experience The Rush:

5628 La Jolla Boulevard
La Jolla, CA 92037

11130 East Ocean Air Drive
Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92130

4S Ranch Location
Coming Soon!

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